Así es el Bentley Bentayga de producción… a escala 1:18


It is not the first time we can see how it will look like a model next to Appear That by scale models leave the manufacturer to any modeller.

One of the next models to be presented is the Bentley SUV , the Bentayga , Which will debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show and we can Already see in the way of production with photos of 1:18 scale model Have appeared on the network, Where as you can see, you’ve officially licensed Bentley.

The Bentayga is a prototype model derived from  Bentley EXP 9F Concept , but as seen in the production Bentayga Have Tended Toward a more traditional look, reconfiguring the layout of the front headlights.

Así es el Bentley Bentayga de producción... a escala 1:18

Also striking is the use of chrome along EXTENSIVE His body, finding them in the windows, sills, roof bars or rear bumper. The wheels Also Appear to Have a chrome look. , Although not see inside, the little Sensed That Is Is That from outside the rear seats are single, Greatly Increasing the comfort of the rear occupants, and These will Have a wide open feeling thanks to the retractable two-piece panorama roof.

Así es el Bentley Bentayga de producción... a escala 1:18

As I Discussed, This new SUV from Bentley Makes use of the new MLB Evo platform Which is built on the new Audi Q7 and will Also Serve as a basis for Audi A8. Its engine top end is the spectacular W12 6-liter 608 hp and 900 Nm of torque With, in the absence of landing the Tesla Model X, it cataloged as one of the fastest SUV on the planet.


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